Emory Law Student Grayson Walker is Responsible for Antisemitic “MAGA Communist” Publicity Stunt Sabotaging Pro-Palestinian Event

Our group usually keeps a tight focus on exposing overt white nationalists and neo-Nazis, but there are times when our goal of antifascist education involves speaking about political actors whose motivations are not quite so obvious. With this post, we will identify and briefly give some political context to Grayson Walker, the “MAGA Communist” Emory law student responsible for the cancellation.

Grayson Walker, Emory Law Student and “MAGA Communist”

On April 28th, the Georgia chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) sponsored a pro-Palestinian talk on the Emory campus which was to have featured historian and activist Norman Finkelstein. However, Finkelstein abruptly canceled his planned speech. CAIR soon issued a statement blaming an unspecified “rogue actor” for adding a “divisive” last-minute speaker to the agenda: 

“Today, we unwittingly damaged the movement for Palestinian liberation by allowing a rogue actor to brazenly hijack an event intended to highlight the Palestinian genocide and uplift the Palestinian movement. A student co-organizer commandeered this platform by inserting hateful and divisive guests into the program. He greenlighted a deeply problematic speech without sharing with co-organizers, prevented our attempts to reverse his last-minute changes to the speaker line up, prevented our staff from making statements on stage, and insulted our honored guests Dr. Norman Finkelstein, Ibrahim Awad, and Juilee Shivalkar.”

CAIR-GA Statement

Our group usually keeps a tight focus on exposing overt white nationalists and neo-Nazis, but there are times when our goal of antifascist education involves speaking about political actors whose motivations are not quite so obvious. With this post, we will identify and briefly give some political context to Grayson Walker, the “MAGA Communist” Emory law student responsible for the cancellation. While CAIR did not name Grayson Walker as the “rogue actor”, many other witnesses have already done so. This post is neither a full exposé nor a detailed timeline of the failed event, simply an alert to be aware of Grayson Walker and similar infiltrators who seek to exploit Palestinian suffering to curry social media attention for their niche cryptofascist political brands. 

The word “cryptofascism” can evoke fanciful images of secret Nazi agents, but the historical reality is much more prosaic. A party or movement springs up claiming to be “above political divisions”, claiming to “synthesize left and right”, and then inevitably assimilates into the traditional right wing when their ideas fail to gain traction. These people often genuinely believe that they are not fascists, but they also tend to be sympathetic to outright fascists.

The “MAGA Communist” speakers invited by Grayson Walker — Jackson Hinkle and Adam Tahir/Haz Al-Din — fall neatly into this pattern. Here are some defining characteristics of their cryptofascist movement, which is also sometimes known as “patriotic socialism”:

  • A social conservative identity and call to return to “traditional” values expressed through homophobia, transphobia, and clownish performative misogyny. For example, Hinkle and Haz are both full-throated supporters of sex trafficker and rapist Andrew Tate.
  • A hatred of vaguely defined “elites” expressed through conspiracism and antisemitism
  • Populist nativism and support for harsher, Trumpian anti-immigrant measures
  • Campism: the naive belief that the world is divided into competing camps of states and that each state can be assigned into a good camp or bad camp. They regard China and Russia as the good camp, with the US state as the bad camp, until their MAGA Communist patriotic revival somehow takes over the US and redeems it.
  • The invocation of a simplistic ideology-as-superstructure-only concept from early Marxist theory (this is a concept which many Marxists disagree with and have replaced with more sophisticated models of ideology, such as Gramscian hegemony).
  • anti-environmentalism and pro-extractivism (support for the fossil fuel industry)

For this last point, it is worth noting that MAGA Communists have strong ties to the Lyndon Larouche cult, sharing not only their anti-environmentalist beliefs but also their underhanded tactics: Larouchites are known for targeting college students and for attention-grabbing publicity stunts. This idea that “any publicity is good publicity” is why this group calls themselves “MAGA communists” in the first place, because it attracts instant attention.

The “MAGA communists” have especially strong ties to the Russian state and far right, as shown by these recent photos.

Grayson Walker with Hinkle, Haz, and Aleksandr Dugin at an event in Shanghai, China in February 2024
Several people standing behind a flag held by Hinkle and Haz that reads "Anti-Imperialische Aktion" and contains the combined Palestinian and Hammer and sickle symbols. Most of the people are identified in the surrounding text.
Grayson Walker in Russia at the 2nd Congress of the International Russophile Movement also in February of 2024. Source.

As for sympathy with outright fascists, Kris Roman (seen in back) is a Belgian who heads a pro-Putin white supremacist group which receives little support in Belgium but often features in Russian media. Maryam Susli, known primarily as a Bashar al-Assad propagandist, has made an appearance on neo-Nazi and former National Justice Party figure Eric Striker‘s media and has been interviewed by KKK figure David Duke. Hinkle and Haz have also both streamed on white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ website after having been banned on Twitch.

Giving cryptofascists a platform generally leads to the platforming of their fascist allies, among other damage. By unwittingly allowing Grayson Walker even an indirect role in their event, CAIR-GA’s reputation was hurt and their members made more vulnerable. In a video after the event, Hinkle and Haz threatened CAIR directly, and Hinkle wielded a racist nativist dogwhistle against them, saying, “CAIR wants to come to my country, our country, and use their lobbying power to take your taxpayer dollars, just like the Zionist lobby…”. In light of how this country targets Muslim and Palestinian immigrants and refugees and treats Muslims as perpetual foreigners, this line of attack is especially egregious and makes a mockery of any “MAGA Communist” claim to Palestinian solidarity.

Luckily, autonomous protesters quickly circulated alerts about Hinkle and Haz, giving real information about their motives and cutting short the Haz speech. CAIR and other people present were able to limit the damage by not allowing Hinkle and Haz to speak and by issuing a swift apology afterwards. We encourage everyone in the Atlanta community to familiarize themselves with Grayson Walker and bar him from any political events, or else they, like CAIR, could fall victim to a similar publicity stunt. Please make public any new tips on Walker’s local political activity and/or email tips to us securely at [email protected].

No tolerance for racism, antisemitism, or Islamophobia in our city!

Support pro-Palestinian Emory protesters

Support the Atlanta Solidarity Fund

Michael and Shannon Hitt: Active Neo-Nazis in Senoia, Georgia


Michael Cason Hitt (born 1991) and his wife Shannon Joy Hitt (née Nicholson, born 1993) are neo-Nazis living in Senoia, Georgia. Last year, both distributed flyers for the viciously antisemitic Goyim Defense League (GDL), also involving their children in this effort. Michael Hitt, a former Marine, uses the alias “D1ktater” online. Michael Hitt claims to have “been a part of at least 5 active” white supremacist groups. Recently, he has been close to Patriot Front. He works as a rebuild technician for RAS Systems, LLC, a machinery supplier in Peachtree City, Georgia that is the US partner of a German company. Hitt claims to have traveled to Germany for his work and expressed interest in networking with neo-Nazis while there.

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Revealed: Patriot Front-linked “Aryan Tribal Land” in Eastern Tennessee

A self-proclaimed “tribe” of racist heathens is building a compound on a 122-acre property in Tellico Plains, eastern Tennessee. This group overlaps with Patriot Front (PF), a fascist organization with members nationwide, and the “Church of Aryanity,” a racist cult that refers to Adolf Hitler as “the Great One.” The leader of the Tennessee “tribe” is Brian Culpepper, who spent a decade in the white supremacist National Socialist Movement (NSM) and was its PR Director for several years. 

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Change Your Life for the Better in 2024: Leave the White Nationalist Movement

At the start of each year, we publish this reminder to any white nationalists or fascists reading our site. Our offer stands year-round.

Some advice for the new year: if you want this year to be better than 2023 was, then you need to make a permanent break with the fascist movement. The fascist movement is not one you want to be associated with, and the consequences are often life-ruining. Even if you make it to the top of a far-Right group, backstabbing and infighting is so common that other members of the group may threaten your life. Fascist organizations typically have a short lifecycle, and when they fall apart, despite all the vaunted claims of eternal brotherhood, you may be left alone to face the consequences. 

There are, however, options to leave the white power movement. Contrary to the established mythology around “red-pilling,” people leave all the time, both publicly and privately. There are even networks in place that can help you exit the movement – let us know if you need help establishing contact with them. Merely saying you are no longer a racist or fascist while still organizing and associating with your fascist pals is not acceptable. We will know if you are insincere.

Because our priority is countering active white supremacists, Atlanta Antifascists will not go after you for your past. If it’s clear that you’ve left white nationalism behind, we’ll leave you alone. Just send us an email with an account of your time in the movement as a token of good faith/sincerity (what you’ve done, with what organizations, etc.), be ready to answer some follow-up questions, and make clear in your actions going forward that you’ve left white nationalism behind. That’s all. We can’t speak for anyone else you may have harmed, but we don’t get in the way of people trying to do better by themselves and others. 

Let 2024 be a year of turning your life around. Reach out for help leaving the fascist movement if you think you need it. If you’re in our region, send us a message to let us know about your choice. We look forward to hearing from you.

Meet Neo-Nazi and Patriot Front member Nicholas Gene Ambrose, AKA “GoyHio,” of Ohio and South Carolina

This article is a collaboration between Atlanta Antifascists and Utah Antifascists.

Nicholas Ambrose caught leaving racist stickers in Columbus
Nicholas Ambrose photographed after placing racist stickers in Columbus, Ohio, September 15, 2023.

Summary: Nicholas Gene Ambrose is a Patriot Front member from South Carolina, currently living in Columbus, Ohio, where he is an undergraduate student at The Ohio State University. He is active with multiple racist and fascist organizations in the US, and also brags about his connections to other far-right groups overseas. Online, he uses the handle “GoyHio” to talk about stalking and harassing people he perceives as enemies, including other students; and to advocate for violence against women, people of color, Jewish people, and LGBTQ+ people. The actions and behavior documented in this article demonstrate the ongoing threat he poses to members of his community.

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Steven Jason Parr: Neo-Nazi Leader of “Blood Tribe Dixie” in Athens, Georgia

Steven Jason Parr (born November 18, 1972) is the leader of the “Dixie” division of Blood Tribe, a network of militant neo-Nazis with chapters in the US and Canada. Parr presently lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife but hopes to move to Maine, where Blood Tribe’s leader Christopher Pohlhaus has purchased land. 

Before he became a fully-fledged neo-Nazi, Parr was an active Proud Boy in Georgia. Over the years, we have highlighted several white supremacists who passed through the Proud Boys in our state. Membership in this far-Right group is a common pathway to explicit white nationalism. 

Parr’s current group, Blood Tribe, is co-organizing a neo-Nazi rally in Florida in September together with the “Goyim Defense League” (GDL), an antisemitic propaganda network. Blood Tribe and the GDL have not publicly released the rally date but over the Labor Day weekend appears likely. Comments on the Telegram messaging application suggest that the neo-Nazi event will take place in or near Orlando.

“Sam Izdat” (Steven Parr) refers to upcoming Orlando rally in the Telegram chat for White Lives Matter in Georgia

Steven Parr has been building his “Dixie” network of Blood Tribe since early this year. He has been actively recruiting for the Florida rally, which would be his regional network’s first public display.

On the Gab far-Right social network, Parr condones the Christchurch, New Zealand mass shootings, which killed 51 people.

Online, Parr frequently refers to violence. On Telegram, he has also posted footage of himself harassing people around Athens, Georgia. Due to his fantasies of violence, as well as his focus on active harassment, we believe that Parr is a threat to those around him. We hope that Athens residents will circulate this documentation to warn about Parr. Since Parr has mentioned working on air conditioning, we also hope those in the HVAC industry will spread the word.

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Adam Davenport: Patriot Front and “Active Club” Racist Organizer in Metro Atlanta

Adam Ray Davenport (born May 16, 1989) of Derden Circle SW in Lilburn, metro Atlanta is a key member of Patriot Front in our state. Patriot Front (PF) formed in 2017 as a breakaway from the fascist Vanguard America group, in the immediate aftermath of the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. From the beginning of PF, our organization has documented its activity in our state and exposed its organizers. Davenport joined PF last year and quickly became one of its most committed members in our region.

Adam Davenport

In addition to his activity with Patriot Front, Davenport is behind the newly formed “Atlas Active Club” which claims to operate in metro Atlanta and north Georgia. The Active Club network provides a space for white nationalists to network with each other and to train for violence against their targets. Davenport is also an online propagandist for his white power cause, running a Substack account and a Telegram channel offering a “pro-White perspective” on events in metro Atlanta. This propaganda outlet regularly promotes PF and circulates updates from the local chapter.

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Help Identify Georgia White Nationalist “Conrad”

We are seeking information on the white nationalist pictured below.

“Conrad” (an alias) is a close associate of Adam Davenport, an organizer in metro Atlanta for the white supremacist and fascist organization Patriot Front. “Conrad” has also been involved with Patriot Front, beginning at least last year.

Adam Davenport posted the first picture of “Conrad” to the “Fren Report” racist Telegram chat, early in the morning on July 16, 2022. The second image is from a brief video posted by Davenport to the same channel on the evening of July 17, 2022. In that video, “Conrad” drives a Kia east along I-20 in Alabama toward Georgia and Atlanta, with Davenport in the passenger seat. The two were almost certainly returning from Patriot Front activity. 

“Conrad’s” account on Telegram until recently featured Patriot Front symbols as a profile picture. He is also visible in Georgia photos posted online by Patriot Front, although his face is blurred in the images circulated by the racist organization.

`Photo posted by Patriot Front, October 2022, from group hike in “northern Georgia”. “Conrad” on left.`Photo posted by Patriot Front, October 2022, from group hike in “northern Georgia”. “Conrad” on left.

“Conrad” also participates in the Georgia chapter of the “White Lives Matter” (WLM) network. Discussion in the Georgia group’s chat on Telegram indicates that “Conrad” is now a core organizer for the Georgia WLM network and helps with administrative tasks. 

Discussion in White Lives Matter – Georgia, July 26, 2023

We are appealing to readers—in particular, those in metro Atlanta—to circulate these images of “Conrad.” Please reach out to our group if you recognize him or have potentially relevant information. 

Documentation: The Buggay Family and Associates (originally published August 2020)

2023 introduction: The documentation below was originally published as a long Twitter thread, in the aftermath of the neo-Confederate, racist, and militia mobilization in the community of Stone Mountain on August 15, 2020. We are republishing it on our site for two reasons. First, especially with Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, that site is not suited for anti-racist archives, because information can disappear at any time. Second, Judah Buggay performed with the “Jubilee” family musical act at this year’s Sons of Confederate Veterans “Confederate Memorial Day” rally at Stone Mountain Park. We wish to remind readers of the unambiguous racism of the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ chosen entertainment and that less than three years ago, Judah Buggay was attempting to club anti-racist protesters just outside the Park

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Documentation: Goyim Defense League Attempted Intimidation at East Cobb Synagogue, June 24, 2023

Update, April 2024: We have identified another participant in the Goyim Defense League rally outside Chabad Lubavitch of Cobb County. GDL member Mel Travis Layton (AKA “John 8:44”) of Missouri was the driver of the white Jeep which passed by the rally several times. Although his face is not visible in footage from East Cobb on June 24, Layton can be seen harassing Temple Beth Israel in downtown Macon the day before. Comments by “John 8:44” in the GDL chat on Telegram indicated that he was part of the group targeting Georgia synagogues over the June weekend. “John 8:44’s” electronic trail allowed us to identify Layton.

Updated August 2023 to include identification of Amanda Sue Onger (AKA “GothWaffen”) of Florida.

On the evening of Saturday, June 24, supporters of the antisemitic and neo-Nazi “Goyim Defense League” (GDL) rallied outside Chabad Lubavitch of Cobb County in the Atlanta suburbs. The GDL participants held Nazi flags and made “Sieg Heil” salutes in a clear attempt at intimidation.

One day earlier, many of the same characters rallied outside another synagogue, Temple Beth Israel in downtown Macon, Georgia. The GDL’s main figurehead, Jon Eugene Minadeo II (“Handsome Truth”), was briefly arrested over minor charges, but was soon released from jail and continued his Georgia harassment campaign. The GDL is less of a concrete group than a propaganda outfit and brand centering around Minadeo.

GDL neo-Nazis outside Chabad Lubavitch of Cobb County, 6/24/2023

In this photo album, we show twelve participants at the GDL’s East Cobb rally on Saturday. The footage is not clear enough to make any determination concerning the driver of the white Jeep that passed by the rally several times.

Of the twelve GDL participants pictured here, we identify the majority by name and associate the remainder with their online aliases. Most of those named here have already been publicly identified by other researchers and monitoring groups. However, GDL participant Matthew Thomas Bukaty of Florida is newly identified. Bukaty goes by the alias “DJ Boomer Tech” online. As well as participating in the GDL’s harassment campaigns, Bukaty is involved with the “Funky Side of Fash” project, which streams electronic music mixes combined with neo-Nazi imagery.

Only four of the neo-Nazis outside Chabad Lubavitch on Saturday appear to be based in Georgia: longtime white supremacist Michael David Weaver; Hilary and Philip Jacobs; as well as “Philly Fresh” (alias). The Jacobs couple as well as Weaver are the most active distributors of GDL propaganda in our state, often throwing bags of antisemitic propaganda onto lawns under the cover of darkness. “Philly Fresh” is part of the White Lives Matter – Georgia chat as well as active within the GDL. Over the last couple of years, our group has identified several others involved in GDL propaganda distribution in Georgia: see the tag on our website for details.

We are publishing these photos as a resource to other antifascist researchers and in the hope that someone will recognize the neo-Nazis who have not yet been publicly exposed. If you have any tips, please get in touch.

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